Real estate is expensive, especially when we're talking beauty product space. Our Top of the Tower product picks are always front and center, right where they belong.


by Ashli Stockton



You know when your face is dirty but you want to get it clean? This is for you. This soap-free, oil-free cleanser has been by go-to for years now. I discovered it from my super not beauty or skin care savvy husband. We were on vacation and I forgot whatever fancy over-priced face wash I was using at home so I needed to borrow his. Needless to say, I never looked back.

More reason why I love it:

1. It takes EVERYTHING off in a single wash - I'm talking eye-liner, mascara, all foundation, everything. No second washes here. 

2. It doesn't dry me out and it doesn't leave any sort of film on my face - just a perfectly prepped canvas to take in all of my other expensive potions and serums. 

3. It's very lightly, but nicely scented. It's just, fresh. 

4. It's incredibly inexpensive. I buy a 6 pack at a time so we can keep one in the shower, one in my vanity, one in my husbands and we also have a bit of back-stock to spare. 


Want in on this magic? You can get a 3 pack for about $14 here. 



Ashli is the founder & CEO of Leisure at Sunday Forever and The Sunday Issue as well as an extreme beauty lover, leisure enthusiast and dog and plant mom.