by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Put down that tee you were about to roll and back away from the drawer. You see, just like you, we are still KonMari-ing our entire lives and it's safe to say, we are officially grown-ups! *Sends a selfie to Marie Kondo*. Spring is around the corner, and now that we have made room for the new we couldn't help but share all the things that are currently sparking joy in our lives.


Sara Happ's new Lemonade Lip Scrub is refreshing and perfect for scrubbing away those dead skin cells and reveal a pretty pout. The citrus flavor is enough to make us leap out of bed in the morning.


Unless you've been living under a blanket with the lights off, you would've noticed the rise of hair accessories! We have to say, we jumped on the bandwagon and have no intention of stepping off. These faux-pearl barrettes and clips cost less than a cup of java and are very satisfying!


If you follow us and our founder Ashli, on social media you may have noticed that we are a little beauty obsessed. However, can you blame us? The number of lotions and potions on the market at the moment are sending our #topshlefie's into overdrive. One tool that we have come to loveeeee is the Revive Professional Facial Ice Roller. Proven to depuff, and tighten pores, it's less brazen than dipping our faces in a sink full of ice water, and we'll able to Instagram the whole thing with our other hand.


Sooo, this one is a little biased we know, but just look at these Angel Aura Rose Quartz Mini Crystal Balls - they're good enough to eat! Known for their heart healing properties, we love pairing Rose Quartz with Amethyst. If you're looking for a crystal that will bring love, and clear your mind and body of fear, this pretty pink stone is for you.


We know we did a wardrobe piece earlier, (if you missed it check it out here) but we had to include this Paradised Escape Puff Crew in this decadent lavender. We don't think there ever was a more perfect sweatshirt!



Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a Creative Consultant and Freelance Writer based in Brooklyn, NY. When she's not creating content for brands, or putting her fingers to the keyboard, Sabi can be found checking her Google alerts for a vintage Chanel bag, or at the nearest yoga studio catching some zen. Learn more about her at // @sabidatoolalji