We take bathing very seriously. It's a treat, and when we treat ourselves we go all in and make it a production. There's no such thing as a "quick bath" around here. If you're picking up what we're putting down, keep reading...


1. Odds are you need to clean your tub first, no problem, you can do it - we believe in you. Here are some things we use to get the job done


2. It takes forever to fill the tub right? Go ahead and get that baby going while you set the mood. Check the water temp from time to time. Stick your toe in and if it burns tick up the cold a bit. Also don't let it overflow, JESUS CAROL! 

3. Get the candles going. One in the bath, one on the vanity, top of the toilet seat, go crazy. Then, SHUT THE LIGHTS. Magic!

4. This is also a great time to grab your wine...a glass, a bottle...tomato/tomato - we're currently sipping on this:



5. You're going to need a bluetooth in-shower speaker like this one, trust us it's a game changer. Turn something on that will help you, a podcast, even a guided meditation can be nice.

6. Last but not least, you need a place to rest your gorgeous head but shower pillows gross us out so we say just roll up another towel and voila!

Now, close your eyes and luxuriate.