by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Let's face it, who can afford a First Class flight? Not me, not yet. (No offense to those who can, I'm just not there yet). So, in the meantime I will enjoy the sheer privilege it is to travel by elevating my experience. If I think back, I have been 'extra' when it comes to in-flight shenanigans from an early age. I remember taking a backpack full of stuff; bubblegum flavored lip balm, a sticker book, apple chips, and a smash hits mag. I loved having my own little treasures! Fast forward 12 years and let's face it, between the generic airplane smell, and the average-hued food that gets slapped onto your tray - there's a lot of room for improvement. So, making my flight to anywhere, that much more luxurious and dare I say it, bougie, is one of my favorites things to do. Below are a few ways that I make flying fun and downright bougieeeee.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.02.33 PM.png


Okay, here goes... My name is Sabi and I carry too much stuff. *Hi Sabi*. The aircraft air is my nemesis and I literally land with either a breakout of severe dryness - no joke! So, a few years ago I decided to adopt my actual bedtime beauty routine mid-flight. I tone, mask, oil, moisturize and brighten my eyes with the following products, and it has changed my life. Not only to do I land with my own skin, the way it's supposed to look, but the 20 minutes I spend doing some mile-high, self-care really calms my mind and allows me to relax. 



Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I always take a funny book with me. I think there is something psychological about reading light-hearted text while flying. Plus, if you laugh out loud it's bound to make other's wonder why you're happy, and it makes for a conversation starter.

I'm currently loving YES PLEASE by Amy Poelher


I think I get this from my mother; I always have a snack in my bag! It comes from road trips where my mum would literally pack the larder in case of a world famine mid-route. I guess it was important to her that we felt homely wherever we were. I get it now, and actually love doing it too! (Thanks mum) It may be the Brit in me, or it may be the Indian in me, but my guilty pleasure is a cup of tea and something sweet after dinner. I long for this part of my day sometimes and often catch myself visualizing sitting on my couch, early grey in one hand and some sugary goodness in the other. Therefore, why should flying change that? I usually pack one "bad for you" option followed by something healthy like the below. I loveeee seeing the drinks cart come my way; the hot tea pouring from the plastic beaker as I reach into my bag for a little treat. Mmmm. 



Okay, turbulence and I are not friends, I repeat, WE'RE NOT FRIENDS! Come to think of it, I don't anyone is... So, I tend to get a little anxious when the plane starts doing it's little cloud dance. One way I calm my nervous system down is by meditating or doing some Pranayama (yogic breathing). I usually hold a worry stone in my hand, or rosary beads. The spiritual element added to the deep breathing lets my mind focus on getting through it as opposed to being terrified of it. 



My current go-to crystal is the Sunday Forever 'Don't Worry Stone'



Once I've worked through my basics above, I move on to my special little touches. After take off, my shoes get gently place near my bag and on go some comfy socks. Next is a lather of lip balm, a little dab of aromatherapy oil on my pulse-points and a dollop of hand cream. 


Comment below if you have secret comforts when you fly, we'd love to know!