N's & C's in NYC

A running list of our favorite hidden gems and magical nooks and crannies in NYC.


McNally Jackson Independent Booksellers

Image: @mcnallyjackson via Instagram

Image: @mcnallyjackson via Instagram

52 Prince Street, Soho

IG: mcnallyjackson

A lifetime ago, I declared physical books dead to me and, for a while, it worked.  Then I realized I missed the joy of getting lost in a bookstore terribly and ditched my  devices. Nowadays, I visit McNally Jackson weekly and stock up on books the way people stock up on toilet paper. You can wander the store floating from the non-Fiction section, to the cookbook nook and even get lost in the selection of poetry compilations located in the back corner of the shop. There is also an large assortment of foreign and obscure magazines as well as beautifully designed notebooks and pens. If you are a person obsessed with a .3mm pen, you understand the struggle is real. When you’re done, sit outside the shop reading your newest book and watch the world go by.



Clic Gallery

Image: @clicny via Instagram

Image: @clicny via Instagram

255 Centre Street, Soho

IG:  clicny

The Clic Gallery is a sensorial paradise; a little bit rock-n-roll, a little bit crunchy hippie mixed with a ton of Gallic style. Stacks of pillows in jeweled velvets, overdyed shibori prints and the plushest wool and cashmere throws punctuate the wooden shelves. Oversized beach and surf prints mounted on the walls give the gallery a surf-shack, beachy feel even when the streets outside are filled with snow. The back corner of the shop is filled with art and coffee table books, candles and unique ceramic pieces. A word of caution - the French sales associate isn’t warm and fuzzy like the pillows. She’s worked there for years and reminds me of a Notre Dame gargoyle. Just ignore her and don’t let her steal your joy!


Michele Varian

Image: @michelevarian via Instagram

Image: @michelevarian via Instagram

27 Howard Street, Soho

IG:  michelevarian

There are no words that, when combined in a sentence, do this shop justice. Located on the coolest block in Soho (home to Smile To Go, Sleepy Jones, Reformation, Opening Ceremony and Rick Owens plus the Glossier Showroom is right around the corner), this little jewel of a store is everything but the kitchen sink. Tables of artisan goods will convince you your  life is not complete without rose gold cutlery or enamel and brass bowls in emerald green and the most delicate of blush hues. Glass cases of delicate rings, necklaces and earrings beckon. Unique lighting fixtures dangle from above everywhere you look. The glass atrium in the back features a rack of hand printed wallpapers and throw pillows you can’t find in your local West Elm. This is the perfect place to locate that one item for your apartment everyone will ask about.