Purse Time Capsule.jpg

You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse, whether it be the brand of lipstick in her bag, the amount of half-eaten granola bars, or the collection of receipts balled up in the back of her wallet. A purse is like a time capsule unintentionally curated to show an exact moment in time. It is your partner in crime until one day you decide you no longer love the sequin detailing or the fact that it only has one inside pocket to carry all of your V.I.K.K. (very important knick knacks).  You then put it in the back of your closet, not wanting to get rid of your beloved friend, hoping that one day she’ll have another purpose. Maybe she’ll come back in style and be totally chic?

But maybe not.

So finally, one day, you choose to part with your long-time BFF. As you go to clean her out you find remnants of a past life. The old you. And oh my god does it bring back some mems.

So that’s what we did and this is what we found.

Purse Time Capsule.jpg


Behold, straight from 2008, the bag of your nightmares (or maybe your middle school dreams?). Filled with a movie ticket stub for Kung Fu Panda, the classic 90’s hair clip, Skittles Lime chapstick and American Girl Sheer Pink Lemonade lipgloss (only the perfect combo), and that shiny blue nail polish that looks like it came straight from the poker scene in the Lindsay Lohan revival of the Parent Trap. It’s like a 6th grader had a hot date to the movies...and honestly, that’s exactly what probably happened.


Straight from the depths of our closet this is a “What’s in my bag” that trumps all.



*thank you to @hancassel for the walk down memory lane