by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Image:  WhoWhatWear  via  Pinterest

How about we all play a little game. Let's visualize the sun streaming through our living rooms, the knitwear and heavy coats in our wardrobes disappearing to the back of the closet, allowing the silk, cotton, and light-weight fabrics to shine, and iced coffees filling our cups. When Spring starts to rear its pretty-blossom head, feelings of decluttering the house, refreshing our wardrobes and cleaning those cupboards manifest within us. It's almost like a sleepy lion has been awoken by the smell of Swiffer. (Not sponsored, we just love Swiffer products!)

With that said, we thought it'd be fun to talk through the five wardrobe staples we're investing in this Spring, and the Insta-trends we're KonMari-ing out! After all, a smartly-curated wardrobe will serve you long and well for seasons, and years to come. See below a list of our favorite wardrobe icons.


Image:  Zara  via  Pinterest

Image: Zara via Pinterest


No matter what the runways or trend reports say, animal print will never go out of style. Whether you like wearing it head to toe or adding a hint of it into your ensemble by way of shoes or accessories, there is something elegant about channeling some snake or leopard print into your look. Tap into your animal instinct this season and shop our favorite styles below.


Image:  ShopStyle  via  Pinterest

Image: ShopStyle via Pinterest

We have to say it, we LOVE denim! Like, seriously, love love love denim. A pair of jeans is one of the most fungible pieces you can own. Dress them down with a Breton stripe top and a pair of sneakers, or elevate your look by wearing a smart white tee and a statement shoe. Whether you're still loving drain-pipe skinny jeans, or have been converted to the '90s and are living in your mom jeans, we strongly believe a good pair of denim jeans will spark joy all year around.


Blazers are the unsung hero in the jacket department. Fact. Not only do they work incredibly well at making a dress look editorially fabulous, but it can also enhance the simplest ensemble. Think about it, an over-sized blazer, over a chiffon maxi dress, sneakers and a shoulder bag. Or, loafers, lightly washed denim, a white tee, and a blazer draped over the shoulders a la street style. Oooph, effortless.


Image:  Shopbop  via  Pinterest

Image: Shopbop via Pinterest


Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw by investing in a pair statement shoes. There is no better feeling than opening your closet and seeing a beautiful pair of shoes that have walked all over town, danced at parties and heard all those post-happy-hour secrets. Psst, see below which pairs we're trading our paycheck in for, this month.


Image:  Lupsona  via  Pinterest

Image: Lupsona via Pinterest


Gone are the days where white shirts conjure up images of corporate-cubicle-life, now a white shirt can be a statement, or a subtle top choice with pretty much any separate - be it jeans, wide-leg pants or a skirt. Go forth, and shirt the issue with the below picks.

Here at The Sunday Issue, we like to balance the scales, so in order for us to add these iconic pieces to our wardrobes, we need to cull out pieces that don't serve us anymore. This Spring we will be donating those once-upon-a-time fishnet stockings we bought on a whim, and those patent black platform heels we keep telling ourselves don't hurt within 11 minutes. Additionally, we will be waving goodbye to those pilled leggings, cream tops that were once bright white and those cargo shorts that are too short for city walks, and too long to look cute at the beach. Sorry, but we're actually not sorry.



Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a Creative Consultant and Freelance Writer based in Brooklyn, NY. When she's not creating content for brands, or putting her fingers to the keyboard, Sabi can be found checking her Google alerts for a vintage Chanel bag, or at the nearest yoga studio catching some zen. Learn more about her at sabidatoolalji.com // @sabidatoolalji