by Catherine Spinley


We love cake a lot. When we began thinking about Sunday Forever’s 2nd Birthday all we could think about was cake, so we set out to make the candle of our dreams - a birthday cake candle! Now, that may sound easy but it’s not. In fact, we tried over 50 scent options and it took us a 10 months to get it right (we thought the HBD candle may have to launch for our 3rd birthday - yikes).

Admittedly, we were picky. HBD had to be nostalgic and frosting-centric, yet chic. We wanted it to be the exact scent of freshly-blown out birthday candles and birthday cake. Close your eyes and imagine that exact moment and you know what we’re talking about, right?  

We didn’t stop with just the perfect cake-scented candle. HBD is extra-dreamy.  We added our own custom-confetti and a single gold birthday candle into the carton, which is also embossed with a confetti pattern, because no detail is too small when it comes to birthdays.

What’s better than making a wish and blowing out your birthday candle every single day? Nothing. HBD is a candle to gift to someone you love on the day of their birth but also a candle that is burned (and loved) long after the birthday cake is gone.

HBD Candle, Sunday Forever

Catherine Spinley is a sometimes-writer and photographer based in New York. When not stalking other people’s dogs or yelling at people who refuse to walk up the left side of the escalator, she works in the beauty industry and practices yoga. You can read more from her at Worepaint.com.