Let’s be real. Moving isn’t fun. It’s messy and stressful, and while the end result is always worth it (new, happy space) getting there can be rough. Thankfully, we called a true organizational expert and friend, Jean Gordon.

She’s a style coach, wardrobe curator, and organizing for real we’ve NEVER met anyone as good as her. Jean is a true visionary. She completely transformed the Sunday Forever HQ into our own little slice of NYC heaven. She started with some serious research on what bins fit best in our closet and wall fixtures. Taking measurements beforehand and finding the perfect fit via The Container Store (our new best friend). For the organizational bins that would be displayed in our office, we went with sleek, white containers in two different sizes, adding a few wicker and gold baskets for dimension.

The closet was a whole different ball game. Jean had us organize everything strategically, so that the lightest items would be stored on the highest shelf; this way it wouldn’t be a huge pain when taking the items down. We labeled every box and even created a master chart of where things were located. Our boxes were organized by size and shape for easy access.

In terms of the process, Jean approached the space as she would a closet, and the items within that space as she would a wardrobe.

Her goal was to maximize every inch of the office space, while curating items within the three main working areas - showroom, inventory and packing/shipping. It was important to understand how the overall space is utilized day-to-day and how it should function; what gets used most often, what could be contained and what needed to be more accessible.


Container Store.jpg





1. Elevate the showroom aesthetic while maintaining a functioning work space

2. Overhaul and improve efficiency of the shipping and packing area

3. Establish a turn-key inventory system

4. Separating items into shorter-term vs longer-term storage

5. Improving navigation and accessibility for items most used





Sunday Forever HQ 2.jpg
  • A good rule of thumb - investing in uniform containers/bins/baskets is the easiest way to streamline and elevate your space. Everything will look clean and cohesive.

  • Customize storage solutions to utilize every inch of space. – Adjust shelving to maximize vertical space, install hooks to open areas on walls, add simple drawer units under table tops

  • Keep like items together so you know what you have. This will help prevent buying additional items that may not be needed.

  • Give everything its own designated spot, slot or space so items don’t get broken, messy or misplaced.

  • Declutter! Just like your wardrobe, if you are not using something or plan to use it in the very near future, give it away or throw it away.




Bottom line…your environment is everything, whether it’s your home, closet or office. Yes, it needs to function but it should motivate you to work, create and be inspired, which in turn will make you more productive and happy. Organized and thoughtfully designed spaces take time upfront but always pay off.  Here’s how:

  • Save Time by finding everything you need immediately. No digging through things, trying to remember where you saw it last.

  • Save Money by not buying items you already have stashed somewhere

  • Stress Less when you have things organized, planned and under control.

  • Be Productive. Getting organized helps you become more efficient which means you’ll have more time to check things off your to-do list.




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