by Cara DeMichele

So if you’re reading this I imagine you enjoy being lazy, ok let’s not say LAZY but let’s say that you hustle hard (duh, that’s what we are all doing here right?) But whether you work remotely or from an office - when you come home there’s nothing better than taking your work clothes off and getting “comfortable” AM I RIGHT?

Claudia Schiffer by Steven Meisel

Claudia Schiffer by Steven Meisel

This has always been kind of a given for me and I thought for everyone. I grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut where your boyfriend’s (really, anyone's hoodie) and leggings was the uniform for everything. A completely acceptable outfit to wear to the mall, the grocery store, a keg party and of course to bed.

There was a brief time in my late 20’s when I became obsessed with trying to be Sofia Loren (ok, still trying) The pink confections in Arabesque, that lace number in Marriage Italian Style, Brando’s silk pjs in A Countess from Hong Kong, 1967, COME ON. The results were a little closer to KIT DELUCA in PRETTY WOMAN though - a mess of half cut leopard t’s and the sale colors of HANKY PANKY thongs. 

But then the HYGGE trend came along followed by "Athleisure" (that’s still going, right?) and it seemed completely acceptable to dive into a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie upon apartment entry. (as long as their KEWWWT and like fashionable ones, NO WIDE LEG HERE) 

So I continued on in this magic comfort journey until a year or so ago when I realized that my boyfriend NEVER “takes his bra off” ok right of course he doesn’t have a bra but you know. He doesn’t JAM DOWN or GET INTO HIS HOUSE CLOTHES or whatever term you prefer to use. 

Nope that boy stays fully dressed until at least 10pm. That got me thinking…. am I too comfortable? Too cozy too fast? 

NAH BRAH, he’s just missing out.

But I have to admit it really started to bother me when I saw that disappointed look on his face when I donned yet another pair of “brand new” gray sweatpants and a cropped hoodie around the house.  Didn’t he think I looked cute? Like Kim K – fresh YEEZYs cute?  I just threw this on after my Maxim photoshoot, CUTE?

If he did, I couldn’t notice.

(via Instagram @doperevolution)

(via Instagram @doperevolution)

Then I started paying attention to all the women on the television shows we were watching together. Why weren't THESE women wearing sweatpants around their houses or to bed. WTH.

Exhibit A -Elizabeth Jennings (Kerry Russell) on "The Americans". How the F can this diabolical compatriot balance the pressure of being a KGB spy, raising two children while living in a foreign country and STILL go to bed each night in luxurious short sets and cotton night dresses (sometimes after a knife fight and several wig changes).

Exhibit B -Nicole Kidman in "Big Little Lies"- ok, I know what you’re saying its fking NICOLE KIDMAN- she’s a human Barbie doll but did you SEE those pajamas? Silk belted robes worn with printed lacy teddy’s and a fresh blowout? It seems nearly impossible, pure Hollywood wizardry.

Exhibit C – Wendy Rhodes in "Billions"- She’s by far the best part of that show. She's a badass woman, a commanding therapist who moonlights as a dominatrix for her husband almost every other night. Dressed head to toe in leather and lace...making it look all chic and sophisticated (or is that just me?) How does she find time to lace up all that leather?

And not to be outdone, even SJP in Divorce has seemingly one-upped me in those cotton voile nightgowns and “slept in hair”.

I’m sure your thinking obviously, these women are better dressed, they're movie stars with stylists living unreal lives (really but really). Although I will tell you - since sitting down to write this article I’ve defiantly realized it’s much easier to achieve than I thought and have to admit I’m feeling quite glamorously comfortable these days. Mmmmhmmm...

Here’s a few of my favorite options to up your bed-ready attire:

And for the ride or die sweatpants crew (we never said never) here’s a few to freshen up:








Cara is a creative director and illustrator living in NYC. Follow her story here @carajane