You’ve finally ditched the last of your toxic friends, you know, the one who is all, like, “It’s sooooooo empowering watching you embracing your curves,” as she signs up for two spin classes a day, tacks a picture of Emily Ratakowski on her fridge to remind her “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!” and gives you side-eye as you eat a doughnut.

Toxic romantic partners don’t even get a full first date (“we’ll take the check for the drinks ASAP, please.”)

And don’t even get me started on Aunt Paula - "I dodge her like she's a telemarketer"  (Note to self: possibly report Aunt Paula’s phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry?).

But what about detoxing your your most sacred of spaces - your home, workspace and medicine cabinet while you’re at it? The Sunday Issue recently talked with Lauren Young of Sage & Sante who told us her past Sunday experiences (hangovers, anxiety, etc.) helped her make a monumental mind-body connection. Once Lauren realized health was more than simply eating well and working out, she set out on a mission to surround herself with non-toxic products, as well.

Lauren Young via Instagram @sageandsante

Lauren Young via Instagram @sageandsante

There are harmful toxins in products we use every day like makeup, perfume, cleaning products, baby and pet products, etc.  This is why I created Sage & Sante, a health consulting company. My mission is to help others navigate the overwhelming world of toxins and teach them how to lead a healthy life, in a realistic, and natural way. Wellness is limitless

six ways to easily detoxify your home 


Here's why: Most store-bought, multi-purpose cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals. Grab the product you use to clean your countertops and take a look at the labels and warnings. You can’t pronounce - let alone identify - most of the ingredients and you are warned to vent enclosed spaces when using them. It cannot be healthy to inhale the chemical fumes, nor is it good to have your skin exposed to them. Think about how your hands feel once you’ve scrubbed your bathtub?



Replacement products: Method All-Purpose Cleaner (I love the French Lavender scent). This cleaner is good for the environment because it is non-toxic and made from naturally-derived biodegradable ingredients. The Method brand is incredibly transparent. They list their ingredients, along with what each ingredient does and how that ingredient affects the environment. They also have their products independently tested by a research firm with a focus on reducing environmental harm and waste.

Dish Soap is another product that can potentially be harmful to you and to the environment. Many of its ingredients are known toxins such as: formaldehyde, preservatives and silicone, which are certainly not good for your skin. These toxins have also been linked to cancer.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap is a step up from the ubiquitous Dawn or Palmolive brands. The lavender scent is moderately “clean” but does contain fragrance which can aggregate skin allergies or sensitive skin. The concern with this brand is it does contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfates) which can pollute water sources and is a concern to many environmental organizations. Try Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap in Lavender, which does not contain SLS, does contain some fragrance which can irritate skin, but is one of the better dish soap brands available for purchase.


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What are you using to wash your face and why does it matter?

Here’s why: Ingredients in mainstream products can be very harmful to you for different reasons – they can dry out your skin or increase the oils, leaving you with excess oil. There are also toxins linked to cancer found in these products.

Replacement Products: Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk – it’s a gentle formulation, which works well for my dry skin!


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What’s in your deodorant and why does it matter?

Here’s why: There are several toxins in non-organic deodorant, which have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and may cause estrogen level disruption.

Replacement Product: Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant cools with essential oils and smells nice.*

*disclaimer – it can take your body about 2 weeks to adjust to using natural deodorant, but once you’ve made the switch, you won’t go back!


What type of sheets are you using and why does it matter?

Here’s why:  It’s best to switch to organic sheets, especially if you suffer from skin allergies, or eczema because non-organic bedding contains chemicals/dyes that can be irritants to the skin.

Replacement Products: Plover Organic has great colorful sheets that are certified organic


Do you leave your iPhone on while you sleep? Why does it matter?

Here’s why: You need to decompress. If you are on your phone before bed, it may impact your sleep because of the blue light emmitted from the screen. Also, if you sleep with your phone on, the frequencies can actually have an impact on your sleep patterns and brain activity.

Replacement Products: Toss your phone. JK. Just turn it on airplane mode and don’t charge it overnight.

I hope you aren’t spinning into the depths of Sunday Scaries now that I've shared these tips with you, but I assure you these small things can make a big impact. 

X – LY

Founder, Sage & Sante

Follow Lauren's journey via instagram @sageandsante and keep a look out for her soon to come website, where you can connect with her directly and take your sanctuary detoxification to the next level.