Burning sage, also known as smudging, originated from a Native American tradition to ward off negative energy and cleanse yourself and your environment. Over the years burning this bundle of herbs has become quite the trend, and how could it not, after all, it's practically a spiritual Spring-cleaning. Here's a little smudging how-to:

  1. To start, open a window to help the air circulate.

  2. Set the intention to essentially say bye-bye to all no-good energy in the space.

  3. Light one of our sage bundles. After it's lit, gently blow out the flame until the light embers appear and the sage starts to smoke.

  4. Use your free hand to encourage the smoke into all corners and nooks of the room, while holding the intention of purification.

  5. While smudging your environment, take a moment to sage yourself by closing your eyes, and circling smoke over your heart, throat and third eye chakra. Breath in the new, exhale out the old.