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We met founder and creator Shawnelle Prestidge (yes, that's her last name, the coolest) at a pop up beauty event in Brooklyn. We were immediately drawn to her and started checking out the products. We go on to learn that Shawnelle was a makeup artist, industry queen for decades working with the best in the biz - google her, amazing. Besides all of that, here's why we're fully dedicated to her Ageless Skin Serum and why it stands out among the hundreds on the market. 

1. Shawnelle describes the line as "High Vibrating, Multitasking, Deeply Healing Small-Batch Organic Skincare" and it's all true. She employees Reiki techniques while hand crafting each bottle in her Brooklyn based home lab. Whether you buy into Reiki or not, it can't hurt and why not have some positive energy on you face?

2. This serum perfectly balances, soothes, heals and softens the skin. For real. You don't need a moisturizer or an eye cream. This is it, plus it greatly reduces the number of items that go into our travel bag. 

3. The ingredients are perfection. All organic, all natural. Evening Primrose oil (reverse skin damage), Sea Buckthorn-Co2 TOTAL (age defying fatty acid), Carrot Seed Oil (Vitamin A Retinol), Helichrysum (firms skin and bonus: soothes headaches), Frankincense (reduces inflammation), and so much more you can read about here.

4. It's addictive. We started out with the smaller size because it's not inexpensive and wanted to be sure. Well, we're sure. We've moved up to the larger 1 oz size that retails for $125 and signed up for auto-replenishment. It's. That. Good. If you want to give it a little spin before you commit you can get a tiny trial size for $20 here, but trust us you'll be re-ordering.

Learn more about PRESTIDGE BEAUTE and try their Ageless Skin Serum here.

But that’s not all, folks! We’re giving away this gem, along with a bundle of other magical products. Learn how to win the ultimate cozy Autumn self-care kit here.